Aruna Yoga Workshops

Aruna Yoga Workshops

Aruna Yoga is a healing practice that awakens us to our true nature. Within this space, healing, transformation, freedom and peace is available to us all, reminding us that everything is connected. 

Aruna Yoga draws from multiple yogic forms and philosophy, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini, as well as spiritual traditions, such as meditation, Kabbalah, energy healing and theological philosophy.

Aruna Yoga teaches how to welcome the present moment and suspend judgment so we can still the mind and practice presence using the body, mind and emotions as a way to cultivate inner connection.

Experience this unique form of yoga and join Nicki Forman or one of our other registered and experienced Aruna Yoga teachers for a workshop in Europe and Israel!

TRE® for personal use & Aruna Yoga training in person or on zoom

Dates will be coming soon!


In this 3 day Aruna Yoga and TRE® training guided by Nicole Forman, you will be taught the fundamentals of TRE® for personal use to be integrated into your practice of yoga and self enquiry. The focus of the training will be on self enquiry and exploring the nature of your own internal experience using TRE® exercises within an Aruna Yoga context. 

This innovative series of exercisesas developed by Dr David Berceli, safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating within a safe and controlled environment. The tremors release muscular tension and stress and help let go of emotional blocks and trauma. The effect of the practice calmdown the nervous system and restores the body to a state of balance.

For more on TRE®:

Dates will be following soon!


On zoom or in Person at Beit Aruna:
Ha’nassi Itzhak Ben Zvi 47 Herzliya Pituach Israel



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