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Aruna Yoga is a healing practice that awakens us to our true nature. Within this space, healing, transformation, freedom and peace is available to us all, reminding us that everything is connected. We must live, act and breathe with awareness.
Aruna Yoga draws from multiple yogic forms and philosophy, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini, as well as spiritual traditions, such as meditation, Kabbalah, energy healing and theological philosophy.
Aruna Yoga teaches how to welcome the present moment and suspend judgment so we can still the mind and practice presence using the body, mind and emotions as a way to cultivate inner connection.
Aruna Yoga for Healing body mind and spirit video

Aruna Yoga offerings

Yoga Classes

Aruna Yoga Classes

Want to experience the power of Aruna Yoga for yourself?

Each week Nicki offers three online classes on Zoom for different levels.

Aruna Yoga Workshops

Join Nicki for a live Aruna Yoga Workshop somewhere around the world! Upcoming workshops:


Aruna Yoga Workshop
Teacher Training

Aruna Yoga Trainings

Aruna Yoga offers a variety of trainings including a Mentorship guided by Nicki Forman, a TRE certification and a Yoga Alliance Aruna Yoga Teacher Training. 

Aruna Yoga Testimonials

Nicky - Aruniz-Speak
Rotem - Aruniz Speak

Brandon Bays

Founder, The Journey
“Nicki has a lifelong passion for and love affair with yoga from various traditions and disciplines and she brings her depth of experience and skill to all her classes. She is a woman of true grace who has birthed Aruna yoga through her own living experience of awakening of her true self. And she is a living transmission of that presence. Her yoga is both unique and liberating as she gracefully guides you home to the wholeness of your inner self. You will truly be blessed in working with her as she works on all levels of being: emotionally, spiritually and mentally. People often share that after even just one retreat with Nicki, their lives have transformed in some way.”

Aruna Yoga Manual

This book is a manual for Nicki’s unique Aruna Yoga Programme for personal awakening, healing and transformation. Her intention is to spread the teachings of Aruna Yoga and healing as widely as possible so that the recognition of the capacity to heal through the body, emotional release, and inner connection is made available to everyone, everywhere!

The journey to self-awareness, awakening, and freedom is available here and now and it is Nicki’s highest vision to disseminate this to all beings, without exception.

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