Aruna Yoga Teacher Training

Aruna Yoga Teacher Training

The Aruna Yoga Teacher Training can be taken as 200 hour program or a 500 hour program. The teacher training is a continuous program, you can start at any time you want. Both programs exist out of two main components:

Thursday Teacher Training Days
Once a month you will meet for a live teacher training day on Zoom. The day consists out of two parts: a dynamic yoga practice in the morning and an interactive lecture in the afternoon. 

Sunday Aruna Immersion
Once a month you will meet on Sunday for an Aruna Immersion day. This day is all about experiencing Aruna Yoga and your personal practice. The day starts with a dynamic yoga practice. In the afternoon you have an integrative session or a session with a guest teacher. 

Note: As of April 2021 the Aruna Academy Teacher Training is registered as a 200 hours according to Yoga Alliance. The application process for 500 hours is in process. You can currently take the additional 300 hours as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours. 

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What is included: 200 hour program

  • 36 live online days (18 teacher training Thursdays and 18 Aruna Immersion Sundays)
  • Online Membership Hub
  • Āsana Lab (online Āsana video-library)
  • Aruna Apothecary of Yoga Pills

Price: €3600,-

What is included: 500 hour program

  • 36 live online days (18 teacher training Thursdays and 18 Aruna Immersion Sundays)
  • Weekly classes
  • Recorded Class Access
  • Aruna Online (online video-learning environment)
  • Membership Hub
  • Āsana Lab (online Āsana video-library)
  • Aruna Apothecary of Yoga Pills

Price: €4500,-

Yoga Alliance certification requirements

To attain your certification as a Yoga Alliance registered Aruna Yoga teacher you have to meet the following requirements:

Note: because the program has a strong focus on personal development and growth it is also possible to join when you do not want to become a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Contact Nicki for more information about the

  • Time frame: a minimum of 18 months. Entry point at any time.
  • Attendance of 36 contact training days
  • Completion of Aruna Online Program
  • Completion of the final exam
  • Participation at a minimum of 9 Aruna Integration sessions
  • Completion of the Āsana Lab
  • Completion of Yoga Anatomy program
  • Minimum of 12 days as a teacher assistant
  • Attendance of a minimum of 4 classes per month or class recordings.
  • Attendance of practicums in the presence of a lead trainer
  • Case studies of teaching 10 students (written reports documenting the process and teaching skills gained)
  • Case studies of 4 group teaching (minimum of 4 students; written report)
  • Journal of personal sadhana and/or self enquiry process
  • Minimum of 5 meetings with peer students
  • Seva Project (selfless service) of 10 hours

    Sunday Aruna Immersion Dates

    • 21/11/2021
    • 19/12/2021
    • 16/1/2022
    • 20/2/2022
    • 20/3/2022
    • 10/4/2022
    • 15/5/2022
    • 26/6/2022
    • 24/7/2022
    • 21/8/2022
    • 11/9/2022
    • 2/10/2022


    Thursday Teacher Training Dates

    • 25/11/2021
    • 9/12/2021
    • 6/1/2021
    • 3/2/2022
    • 3/3/2022
    • 31/3/2022
    • 28/4/2022
    • 26/5/2022
    • 9/6/2022
    • 7/7/2022
    • 4/8/2022
    • 15/9/2022

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