Aruna Yoga Retreats

Aruna Yoga Retreats

Aruna Yoga is a practice of presence. It embodies yoga and other tools to live in awareness with Self-enquiry guiding us back to our essence, to our heart. Aruna clears out obstacles blocking our fullest potential, helps us to heal what needs healing and returns us to the Wholeness that is our True Nature.

An Aruna Yoga retreat is the perfect space to do so. Whether it’s an online one-day retreat or an in-person multi-day retreat. Both are an excellent opportunity to still the mind and practice presence using the body, mind and emotions as a way to cultivate inner connection.

In-Person Aruna Yoga Nature Retreat

Join Nicki for Aruna Yoga Nature Retreat in Portugal! Spend a long weekend (10-13 November 2022) in nature to reconnect to your Self, through an Aruna Yoga process. 


Online One-day Aruna Yoga Retreat

Each month Nicki hosts an online one-day Aruna Yoga retreat (also known as an Aruna Immersion Day). Each one-day yoga retreat has it’s own theme. The day always starts with a dynamic Aruna Yoga practice, followed by an afternoon workshop on a theme connecting to the Aruna Yoga practice. 

Click below to for more information on the upcoming one-day Aruna Yoga retreat. 


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