Aruna Yoga Life Online Day Retreat

 Aruna Yoga Online Day Retreat:

Who am I really? Learn how to integrate the  practice of Self Enquiry into daily life.

Aruna Yoga is a practice of presence. It embodies yoga and other tools to live in awareness with Self-enquiry guiding us back to our essence, to our heart. Aruna clears out obstacles blocking our fullest potential, helps us to heal what needs healing and returns us to the Wholeness that is our True Nature. 

This will be a day retreat for you to be inspired …

  • to live in truth
  • to be wholly present
  • to access your personal power
  • to be the best version of yourself
  • to heal and find wholeness
  • to live from freedom!
No prior yoga experience or physical ability is required.

Just being there is enough to experience the power that lies within us!

Join me on the 25th of April 2021, for an Online Aruna Yoga Retreat from the comfort of your own home, where we will discover who we truly are!

We will meet together for 5 hours online pulling back the layers obscuring the truth of who we are, learning to meet our shadows and to ultimately live in truth and self realisation.

This will be an intimate live retreat with limited spaces available. You are able to join for the full retreat or drop in to one of the yoga sessions or Aruna immersions. Book early to reserve your exclusive place!


Schedule & Costs

Daily schedule (Israel times):

  • Sunday 25th of April: 
    14.00 – 16.00 – Aruna Open Master Class 
    17.00 – 19.00 – Aruna Immersion
    19.15 – 20.15 – Satsang

Full retreat (drop in): €108,-

[Note: Full retreat (as part of Aruna Life options): €60,- or €80,-]

Single session: €55,-

Satsang only: €15,-

Place: ZOOM

Note: these hours can be counted for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.

What will be included

This online live retreat will be an all live experience of going to a yoga retreat directly with Nicki Forman in the comfort of your own home.

This unique retreat offers you the impact of group work and personal guidance focusing on integrating Self enquiry into your lives.

The day will entail:

  • A 2-hour tailor made yoga session catering to your specific needs and the needs of the group as the moment arises
  • A break of 1 hour
  • Followed by 2 hours live Aruna self-inquiry immersion sessions directly interacting with Nicki Forman guiding you on your personal process using the different yoga practices including: Mudrā (yogic seals); breath work; meditations; Yoga āsana (poses); Emotional Presence work, Self Enquiry practices, Trauma Release Exercises and group work.
  • 15 minute break
  • Satsang which integrates the day bringing it into closure.

You can join for the full day or for the separate sessions (the yoga session or the self-inquiry immersions). When you attend the full day retreat you will get access to recordings of all the sessions.

Some topics that will be covered:
  • What is Self Enquiry? 
  • Who am I really? What are the layers that make up who I perceive myself to be?
  • How does your identity construct keep you bound into a feeling of separation and disconnect.
  • How have these disparate parts shown up in your life? Through patterns, addictions and habits.
  • Ways to release these patterns and addictions.
  • The illusory nature of beliefs and how to transform unhealthy beliefs that are keeping you separate from yourself.
  • How can I uncover who I truly am and live from that aweraeness?
How is this different from other online retreats?

All the interaction is live directly with Nicki. Group work is intimate and the number of participants will be kept limited to ensure for intimacy. None of the content will be prerecorded. If you attend the full day or as part of the Aruna Life or Aruna Academy, you will be given access to the recordings of the retreat. Hours are made to accommodate different time zones. If you can’t make a session you will get access to the recorded session to watch in your own time.

You will learn how to use yoga and apply its ancient tools to daily life to make life more connected, to improve mental states and release emotional blocks. You will get to really learn how to apply Aruna Yoga to daily life to bring you into your personal power and inner connection. Besides yoga, you get to practice Self-enquiry and emotional presence work clearing out the layers of issues both conscious and unconscious. You will get to clear blocks and obstacles and the tools to do so in daily life as issues arise.

The result will be coming home to your Self and living from your own true essence!

Why invest in this retreat?

With a small intimate group, personal time for yourself and under the guidance of Nicki’s 20 years of expertise in the area of yoga, healing and Self enquiry work, you have the opportunity to gift yourself by going deeper into your practice from the privacy of your own home . You will be supported by Nicki and her team and given the chance to really deepen in your spiritual practice.

Are you ready to face what is keeping you in the prison of your mind?

Are you ready to set yourself free?

Limited spaces are available.

Questions about the retreat?

Get into contact through:

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