Aruna Yoga Nature Retreat

10th-13th November 2022 in Portugal

Aruna Yoga Nature Retreat

10-13th November 2022 in Portugal

Join Nicki Forman for an Aruna Nature retreat in Portugal.

We will spend an intimate long weekend together diving into the game-changing Aruna Yoga practice to bring you closer to your true nature. Aruna Yoga is a practice of presence. By stilling the mind and connecting to your body, the Aruna process helps to free you from the blocked emotions and stored trauma’s that are keeping you from the innate peace and freedom that is within us all.

This retreat is unique in the way it is set up, combining the practices of yoga and art, and integrating both within the beautiful environment in Portugal. 

Each day will be unique and will be tailored to the needs of the group. The retreat will be a holistic process, supported by specialized vegan food, the accommodation, and the surrounding nature.


Starts: 10th of November around 14:00

Ends: 13th of November after lunch

Each day will be unique and tailored to the needs of the group. The days, for example, will include:

  • Yoga: Asana, Pranayama & meditation
  • Aruna Art
  • Integration in nature: i.e. walks & campfire
  • TRE (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises)


The retreat will take place in a private magnificent resort surrounded by beautiful nature in Portugal. 

During the retreat all meals will be prepared by a specialized vegan chef. 


Start: Thursday 10th of November 14.00
End: Sunday 13th of November after lunch
Where: Portugal (near Faro)
Pricing: €1250,- (for a bed in the shared bedroom)


Are you ready to understand yourself better?

Are you ready to live a wholly conscious life?

Limited spaces are available.

To sign up or for questions about the retreat:

Get into contact through:

To book your place, please send a mail with all your details and we’ll ask you a down payment of 50%.


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