Aruna Yoga Teacher Training

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Aruna Yoga Teacher Training

Aruna Yoga is a syncretic yoga practice drawing on multiple yogic lineages with a focus on releasing stress, tension, and emotional blocks and bringing the practitioner to a state of optimal well-being.

Aruna Yoga was founded by Nicki Forman. Nicki was fortunate to learn and practice under various teachers and masters over the course of two decades. She is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) of the Yoga Alliance, certified in diverse yogic lineages including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher through Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) as well as a prenatal yoga teacher trained in the Khalsa Way and other prenatal practices.

Besides her education in diverse yogic lineages Nicki is also a certified Trauma Release Provider as developed by Dr David Berceli as well as a certified Journey Practitioner of The Journey Method, as developed by Brandon Bays.

Since 2018 Nicki teaches others to become Yoga Alliance certified Aruna Yoga teachers. The Aruna Yoga teacher training is designed to guide you through your own personal process of Self-enquiry and train you to share this unique form of yoga with others.

Is the Aruna Yoga Teacher Training for you?

The Aruna Yoga teacher training is for everyone who wants to dive deeper into their own personal process of self-discovery and healing, with the tools of yoga and other spiritual traditions, such as meditation, Kabbalah, energy healing and yogic philosophy, and who wants to share this practice with others.

Practical information

Location: Hybrid Live and online through Zoom & online teaching platform
Start date: 2023
Pricing: TBC

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What you will learn:

You will develop a personal practice of yoga and learn how to apply the practices of yoga (poses, breathing, mudras, concentration and meditation) to your body, emotional states and life as it unfolds. You will develop an integrated practice of self-enquiry. You will learn all about yogic philosophy, diverse kabbalistic tools, and other healing skills. You will learn how to use art as a way to deepen your yoga practice and self-enquiry. You will learn how to teach yoga to others and how to modify practices to suit different body types and states of health.

These practices will increase awareness and presence in your life and will shift your perspectives on reality. You will learn to befriend your emotions and how to pass through difficult moments gracefully. You will learn how to activate the innate healing capacity of your body and become the highest version of yourself.

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The teachers

You will learn directly from Nicki Forman, Wesley Basset and Dorinda Farver, the main teachers of this program. The program will also include guest teachers, for example on the topics of Ayurveda and art.

Nicki Forman

Wesley Bassett

Dorinda Farver

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