TRE® Certification Training

TRE® Global Certification Training Program 


Become a certified TRE provider! Join the TRE® International ONLINE Training with TRE® Global Certification Trainers, Su Thomas (South Africa) and Anya Bloom (Israel)

In collaboration with Nicki Forman and Aruna Yoga! This program is recognised and approved by TRE for All, Inc. and is a TRE® Global Certification Training Program. The training is open to everyone, whether you have experienced TRE® before or if you are new to it.

Throughout this Training Program the Modules, three in total, will be taught jointly by Su and Anya and supported by Nicki Forman. After each Module Trainees are required to have Supervision sessions to develop the skills taught at each Module. Trainees will do some of their required Supervisions with Su and some with Anya. In this way, everyone will benefit from both the common and unique experiences of two different Trainers.

The program is designed to teach participants the skills needed to teach TRE®. On successful completion of the Program, a participant will be certified as a TRE® Certified Provider and qualified to teach TRE® to Individuals and Groups.

A TRE® Certified Provider may teach TRE® alone or integrate it into other modalities, while distinguishing between TRE® and any other modality and teaching within their “scope of practice”.

A TRE® Certified Provider is not qualified to train or certify or give permission to another person to teach TRE® to others.  

    Starting January 18th 2023

    TRE Certification Training


    Certification Course Overview

      Module one – Introduction to TRE®, Online LIVE Workshop 

      Introduction to TRE® – Tremors – Neurology and Physiology of Trauma and Stress – Survival Responses – Containment and Self Regulation and Four TRE® Sessions.

      Between Module ONE and Module TWO:
      Personal TRE® Practice – Journal your TRE® Experiences – Supervision of TWO Personal TRE® sessions via Zoom.

      Module two – Online LIVE Workshop

      The Autonomic Nervous System – Belief Systems and Trauma – Polyvagal Theory – TRE® Facilitation Skills – Self-Interventions – Follow The Body. Four TRE® Sessions during which Trainees facilitate each other, receive feedback and expand their own TRE® practice with interventions and modifications.

      Between Module TWO and Module THREE:
      Continue Personal TRE® Practice & Journaling – Complete Supervision of TWO more Personal TRE® sessions via Zoom.
      Practice Teaching of TRE® to Individuals – Case Studies  – Complete FOUR Supervision sessions of Teaching TRE® to Individuals.

      Module three – Online LIVE Workshop

      Transference / Countertransference -Fascia and Myofascial Release – Ethics – Group Process in TRE® – Scope of Practice – Resilience, Grounding & Salience Network. Four TRE® Sessions during which Trainees have an opportunity to lead a group through a TRE® session.

      Between Module THREE and Certification:
      Continuing Personal TRE® Practice-  – Teach TRE® to a Group for six sessions Case Study) – Complete FOUR Supervision sessions of Teaching TRE® to a Group

      More information program & guidance.


      Module 1: January 18th – 20th 2023

      Module 2: March 29th – March 31st 2023

      Module 3: June 14th – 16th 2023


      Payment option 1: one payment of € 3190,-

      Payment option 2: payment plan of € 3315,- spread over 6 months (6 x € 552,50)

      Cancellation Policy:
      10% up to 2 weeks before
      50% up to 2 days before
      Full amount less than 48 hours of start of training.
      No refunds after the start of the training.

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