Aruna Life Program

The Aruna Life Program

The Aruna Life Program is a program that will teach you how to incorporate the tools of Aruna Yoga into your daily life. In the program you will learn all about the tools of yoga, self-enquiry, healing and Kabbala (and many more). Through this practice you will deepen your connection to yourself, your body and your emotions. You will learn how to listen to the wisdom of the body and activate your own innate healing capacity. By releasing blocked emotions and stored tension and trauma, the program will guide you into becoming the highest version of yourself.

    What you can expect from the Aruna Life Program:

    The Aruna Life Program is an 18-month continuity program that exists out of multiple online components. The full program will give you access to an online training that will teach you all the tools you need to know, monthly online Aruna immersion sessions where you will apply and integrate the content from the online training, and weekly Aruna Yoga classes.

    The program will give you access to over 500 hours of training. You can enter the program at any time. The program is both suited for complete beginners as for people who are looking to deepen their practice. You will not be eligible to obtain a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification with this program, although the hours may be used for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education. 

    If you are interested in becoming a certified Aruna Yoga teacher, you have the possibility to join the Aruna Academy. If you do not want to join the full Aruna Life program, look at the tailor-made options to find a program that works for you!


    Through Aruna Life you will:

    • develop an integrated practice of self-enquiry and awareness into all aspects of your life
    • learn how to apply the practices of yoga and meditation to your body, your emotional states and your life as it unfolds
    • shift your perspectives on reality
    • become more attuned and aware
    • learn to befriend your emotions
    • be given tools to pass through challenging moments gracefully
    • learn how to release blocked emotions and release tension and trauma stored in the body
    • become connected to the wisdom of the body and how to be guided by it
    • learn Kabbalistic tools to apply easily to your life
    • learn various concentration and meditation techniques
    • learn how to activate the innate healing capacity of the body
    • become the highest version of yourself
    • develop skills for vision questing and intention development
    • live your best life

      Aruna Immersion dates

      The Aruna Academy Sunday online immersion sessions will start from the 28th of February 2021. Dates will be updated monthly.

      • 23/5/2021
      • 20/6/2021
      • 25/7/2021
      • 22/8/2021
      • 12/9/2021
      • 10/10/2021
      • 21/11/2021
      • 19/12/2021
      • 16/1/2022
      • 20/2/2022
      • 20/3/2022
      • 10/4/2022
      • 15/5/2022
      • 26/6/2022
      • 24/7/2022
      • 21/8/2022
      • 11/9/2022
      • 2/10/2022

      Payment Options

      1) Aruna Life online training only: €1800,- (€100 per month)

      2) Aruna Life Training Program + live Sunday online immersions and weekly zoom classes: €3510,- (€195 per month)

      Click here to register for option 1 (Online only) or option 2 (Online and Live Sessions) or for more information on payment options.

      3) Aruna Life Live components only: Sunday online immersions and weekly zoom classes: €2880,- (€160 per month)

      Click here to register for option 3: Aruna Life Live components only.

      Total Value for Aruna Life Content and live hours for 18 months if bought separately: €5544,-

      Click here to register or for more information on payment options.

      Cancellation Policy:

      Cancellation is possible on one month’s written notice.
      On cancellation there is a 30% penalty on the amount paid to date of cancellation plus the value of 2 month’s tuition.

      The cancellation penalty is

      • The difference as if you had paid per tailor-made component of the discount you received.
      • Two month’s tuition. This amount is calculated based on your chosen program fees calculated over an 18 month period.
      • Cancellation penalty is calculated from the start date to the end of the months’ notice period.

      Aruna Life may be for you if you:

      • are called to learn more about yoga and apply it to daily life
      • want to deepen your connection with yourself
      • learn how to practice self-enquiry
      • use Aruna Art and journalling for your own process
      • want to improve your health, emotional state and life in general and support others in doing the same around you
      • learn how to be more present to emotions
      • want to learn different healing practices

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