In-Person Classes & Workshops

In-Person Aruna Yoga Classes & Workshops

Practice Aruna Yoga with Nicki Forman in live settings in Europe and Israel! 

Weekly In-Person Class 

Join Nicki for her weekly In-Person Yoga Class in Nof Yam (Herzliya, Israel). 

This class is an Aruna Open class which is a dynamic yoga practice suited for people with (some) prior yoga experience or good physical health. 

To sign up, go to Momo Yoga by clicking the button below. 


Falling into Love: Live 2 day Event in the Netherlands with Dorinda Farver and Nicki Forman

Two full days of deep Aruna Yoga together with Nicki and Dorinda into the most powerful of all healers, LOVE!
The days will be together with both Dorinda and Nicki diving into the heart of the heart!
These hours count towards NEW 200/500 hour Aruna Yoga alliance TT starting in 2023.
You can join the full 2 days, 1 day or drop into a session.
Location: Ulvenhout
Strijbeekseweg 16A
4851 SL Ulvenhout

Date: Wednesday and Thursday, 1st and 2nd February 2023

Time: 9:00-17:00

9:00-12:00: Session 1

12:00-13:00: Lunch

13:00-17:00: session 2


Costs: €350 for 2 days

€175 for 1 day

€90 per drop in session


Nicki and Dorinda


TRE® Aruna Yoga 2 day Event at Yoga Viapura Westerloo Belgium

In this s day Aruna Yoga and TRE® training guided by Nicki Forman, you will be taught the fundamentals of TRE® for personal use to be integrated into your practice of yoga and self enquiry. The focus of the training will be on self enquiry and exploring the nature of your own internal experience using TRE® exercises within an Aruna Yoga context. 

This innovative series of exercises, as developed by Dr David Berceli, safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating within a safe and controlled environment. The tremors release muscular tension and stress and help let go of emotional blocks and trauma. The effect of the practice calms down the nervous system and restores the body to a state of balance.

For more on TRE®:


Saturday and Sunday 3-4 February 2023

Place & Price


For more information and Registration

Contact Ellen Van Rentherghem



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