In-Person Classes & Workshops

In-Person Aruna Yoga Classes & Workshops

Practice Aruna Yoga with Nicki Forman in live settings in Europe and Israel! 

Weekly In-Person Class 

Join Nicki for her weekly In-Person Yoga Class in Nof Yam (Herzliya, Israel). 

This class is an Aruna Open class which is a dynamic yoga practice suited for people with (some) prior yoga experience or good physical health. 

To sign up, go to Momo Yoga by clicking the button below. 


Exploring Aruna Yoga – Atelier Du Mon Antwerp Belgium

Exploring Aruna Yoga with Nicki Forman. Aruna Yoga is a syncretic practice combining hatha, vinyasa and Kundalini yoga practices, emotional process work and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Self enquiry, and other practices, all tailor made to suit the present moment and adapted to the moment!

In this session Nicki will guide you to connect to your bodily wisdom and uncover your own internal process in a guided and contained context. In this practice you will learn how to identify, access and release emotional blocks through various yogic techniques including body movements, breathing techniques, sound, and emotional release to free the body of blocks. The effect of this is an improved health and sense of well-being as well as emotional freedom and inner connection. Aruna Yoga guides you to apply integrative practices of expanding consciousness and to apply these technologies to daily life as issues arise so you can live as embodied consciousness!

This session is open to all levels.

Get inspired with this Aruna explanation video.

Expanding consciousness through a plethora of integrative practices like yogic techniques (asana, breath work), self inquiry and emotional block release. 

Date & Time:  1/7/2022 – 19:30 – 21:30 CEST

Antwerpen, Happaertstraat 26, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Costs: €45

Aruna Yoga & TRE® Training – De Kempen Belgium

In this one and a half day Aruna Yoga and TRE® training with Nicki, you will be taught the fundamentals of TRE® for personal use to be integrated into your practice of yoga and self enquiry. The focus of the training will be on self enquiry and exploring the nature of your own internal experience using TRE® exercises within an Aruna Yoga context.

Date & Time:

2/7/2022 – 17:00-20:30
3/7/2022 – 10:00-17:00

Hosted by: Viapura Yoga : Ellen Van Renthergem and Vesta : Twiggy Verbeeck

Costs: €280

For more information:

Yoga in Nature – De Kempen Belgium

Be welcome in Nicki Forman’s workshop for a gentle but incredibly powerful ARUNA YOGA experience, a mix of flow, breathing, emotional detox and guidance to your deepest self.

Date : Monday 4/07

Time : 19:15 – 21:15

Location : the lesson will take place in good weather in the beautiful garden of Vesta in Diest. 

Cost : €45


This workshop is an ARUNA ‘GOLDEN’ YOGA workshop, because of the yin, soft form of yoga.

In other words, this workshop is open to everyone.

It is a workshop in ‘letting go of old tension and stress and connecting with your deepest self’.

Aruna yoga is the ideal form of yoga to create this.
Aruna Yoga was created by Nicki, inspired by kundalini yoga, hatha, yoga, yin yoga and other powerful techniques to release tension.

Aruna Golden Yoga emphasizes ‘healing’ of the body and mind.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of your yoga experience.
So advanced yogis as well as beginners and people with limited mobility are welcome!

This workshop will teach you yoga and healing techniques, which you can easily integrate into your daily life, in the field of body and mind!

Realize your true nature in nature – Maan 7 Natuuryoga, Netherlands

Join Nicki Forman for an Aruna Yoga experience to align you to your true nature.

Using yoga, breath work, meditation, emotional release, and a practice of presence, Nicki will guide you through your body to the ultimate return to your true essence!

Date: Wednesday 6/07

Time: 19:30-21:30

Place: Oudestraat 99 Gemert, Noord-Brabant

Costs: €45

Aruna Live Musical Journey to the Self with Nicki Forman and Cloud of I – Israel

Join Nicki Forman and Cloud of I on a journey to the Self through live music, Aruna Yoga and Sound Healing in an intimate setting at Nicki’s private home.

Date: Thursday, 11 August

Time: 18:30 – 21:00

Costs: €80

Aruna Nature Retreat – Portugal

Join Nicki Forman for an Aruna Nature retreat in the Portugal.

We will spend an intimate long weekend together diving into the game changing Aruna Yoga practice to bring you closer to your true nature.


The retreat starts on Thursday November 10th at 14h and ends on Sunday November 13th after lunch.

Place & Price



The venue has limited accommodation so early reservation is essential.

To book your place, please send a mail with all your details to

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