In-Person Classes & Workshops

In-Person Aruna Yoga Classes & Workshops

Practice Aruna Yoga with Nicki Forman in live settings in Europe and Israel! 

Weekly In-Person Class 

Join Nicki for her weekly In-Person Yoga Class in Nof Yam (Herzliya, Israel). 

This class is an Aruna Open class which is a dynamic yoga practice suited for people with (some) prior yoga experience or good physical health. 

To sign up, go to Momo Yoga by clicking the button below. 


Aruna Yoga & TRE® Training – Breda

In this one and a half day Aruna Yoga and TRE® training with Nicki, you will be taught the fundamentals of TRE® for personal use to be integrated into your practice of yoga and self enquiry. The focus of the training will be on self enquiry and exploring the nature of your own internal experience using TRE® exercises within an Aruna Yoga context.

For more information or to sign up, visit the event page.

Date & Time:

8/4/2022 – 17:00-21:00
9/4/2022 – 13:00-20:00

Place: Yogasite Breda

Costs: €350,-

The Power of Surrender – Ghent

Join Nicki and Mariam El Guenaien (MAF Spirit) for a journey to a deep level of consciousness. During this journey, you will free yourself from any obstacles and find your center and true essence. Through breathing, yoga, and therapeutic tools, Nicki and Mariam will bring you into a deeper understanding of who you are. This unique workshop takes place in an extraordinary venue in Ghent. Will you join us on the journey in the church Sint-Coleta in the south of Ghent? 

For more information or to sign up, visit the MAF Spirit website.

Date: 14th of May 2022

Time: 10:00 – 18:00

Place: Sint-Coleta Church Ghent

Costs: €150,-

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